Ludwig of Launceston's Incredible Copper

Lara Copper Cookware Tippity Tea

For the last 20 years Ludwig Engler has been hand-spinning copper cookware from his home in Launceston in the north of Tasmania. As far as anyone can deduce, Ludwig is the last remaining Redsmith (trade talk for Coppersmith or a Blacksmith that works with copper) in Australia. 

Everything about Ludwig's work screams authentic and quality, two things that we are obsessed with. After stumbling upon his incredible wares in Koskela in Sydney's Roseberry, we were so taken by his beautiful craftsmanship that we were compelled to contact him. The result is our beautiful copper Teaspoons and Tea Ladle.

Both items were designed by Ludwig exclusively for Tippity. As every item is handmade by Ludwig each is unique, with such incredible character that they will only grow with age as the metal develops its patina. 

Lara Copper Cookware Tippity Tea

If you are in search for a new pot, roasting dish or set of measuring spoons head to and see Ludwig's incredible wares for yourself.